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When women awaken, mountains move.

-Chinese Proverb

I believe that we all have a purpose in this life and some of us know at an early age what that purpose is.

Others have spent years working at a job and feeling “haunted by destiny” or wandering through life unsatisfied and feeling like they are missing something essential about who they are or what they are meant to do with their lives.

Many wake up each day anxious, afraid and pulled in many directions. Their sense of self worth depends upon how others perceive them and how productive their day has been. They long for more joy, peace, and meaning in life.

To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.  – Paulo Coelho

I suspect you know precisely what I’m talking about.

Allow me to walk with you as you learn to “be” yourself and find the courage to define and live your own life with purpose, joy and grace.


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Each and every time I see Shona, I feel inspired. Inspired to see the beauty everywhere around me. Inspired to be more grateful and accepting of myself. Inspired to welcome whatever comes next with my head held high. She has helped me through personal struggles with her incredible talent, empathy and love. I regularly see Shona for Reiki and also recently discovered the healing power of New Decision Therapy. When I leave a session, I feel lighter, grounded, more appreciative and positive. Thank you, Shona for being the amazing person you are and the incredible work you do.”

Tamara O.


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Reiki: In-Person & Distance

Reiki was developed in Japan and offers a system of healing that brings together meditation and healing touch. Pracitioners work both above the body in the energy field or aura, and directly on the body.

Utilizing “universal life force energy” Reiki gently heals on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and offers peace, reduction of stress and anxiety, relief from insomnia, easing of pain and opens one up to feelings of joy and gratitude.

Reiki is currently used in a variety of healthcare settings across North America and the world.

For out of town/province/international clients – the energy of Reiki can heal across any distance.

  • 30 minutes $60
  • 60 minutes $110
  • 90 minutes $150
  • 3 pre-paid 60-minute sessions $275 ($91.67 each) to be used within 3 months


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Reiki Training and Certification

  • Reiki levels I, II, III
  • Master/Teacher level.

Would you like to learn about and open yourself to the healing energy of Reiki in a class that is grounded in love, compassion and integrity?

Are you intuitively aware of your own healing gifts and want to start using them more intentionally to heal yourself and others?

Or perhaps you are ready to step more fully into your power and train to become a Reiki Master.

Visit my EVENTS PAGE for details on upcoming training.

New Decision Therapy

New Decision Therapy™ uses kinesiology (muscle testing) and a process of forgiveness that offers a precise and effective way to:

-Forgive anyone about absolutely anything
-Free yourself of the past quickly and permanently
-Let go of unresolved guilt, anger and regret
-Awaken heartfelt, compassionate understanding
-Move forward in your life with love, acceptance and peace
-Generate genuine health and happiness

  • First session: 60-90 minutes $125
  • Additional/follow up sessions: $110/hour
  • 3 pre-paid sessions including first session: $300 ($100 each) to be used within 3 months

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Earth Medicine Consultations

Shona has a strong connection to the natural world and a divine connection to animal spirit guides. If you would like to uncover the messages from the animal spirits working with you now or connect with those which are your life-long animal guides, Shona would love to support you. An Earth Medicine session may also include intuitively chosen flower essences, drumming, feather/breath work and meditation.

  • 60 minutes $110
  • 90 minutes $150
  • 3 pre-paid 60-minute sessions $275 ($91.67 each) to be used within 3 months

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Healing Medicine Walks

Shona also conducts healing Medicine Walks in nature, women’s circles and meditation classes.  Head over to my EVENTS PAGE to learn the details and sign up.

*All prices in CAD and subject to change. Payment is accepted via Paypal or etransfer.

How this works

You may pay directly from this page and when I receive notification of payment I’ll reach out to schedule your consultations.

Or, you may use the contact form below or email Shona at to arrange a 20 minute discovery call to discuss your needs and how I can support you, and to see if we are a great fit for working together.

*Please allow up to 48 hours for a response as I am not online every day

Who am I to serve you

I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, New Decision Therapy™ practitioner, meditation coach and your guide to discovering and living your true life purpose. Learn more here.

Shona has a loving, centered, non-judgmental energy about her that makes her meditation sessions a safe space for spiritual growth.  I feel like my soul has been fueled after spending time with her. 

– T. Elliott

I believe you are needed and you have what it takes,


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