Hello! Here are some courses, tools and options I have created to support you in your desire to live an awakened life — one that is vibrant, authentic and grounded in love. xo


Raven Heart Healing Gift Certificates

These make the perfect gift for:

  • anyone in need of compassion, calm and healing in these strange times
  • anyone interested in taking better care of themselves – body, mind, and spirit
  • anyone ready to better understand their true nature and calling

Certificates can be personalized and purchased for any amount and used towards any service, workshop or class. Many services are also offered online via Zoom for anyone outside of Ontario or safely sheltering in place.
Please reach out to Shona at or text 416-839-8878 to arrange purchase.

Mystery and Magic Subscription

Explore the mystery and magic of your one beautiful life through this 6-month subscription.  Included is a monthly, 20 to 30 minute, one-on-one intuitive session with me via telephone or Zoom over the course of 6 consecutive months.

Each session is anchored in love and compassion for you and your journey where we will together gain insight into any area of your life that requires greater clarity and peace.

After each session you will have ongoing email support and specific “homework” that will allow you to fully embrace and explore the messages that come forth in your monthly sessions.

Sessions can include your choice of:

  • Intuitive Tarot reading
  • Animal Spirit reading
  • Reiki distance healing
  • Clarity mentoring
  • Creative expression/grounding through nature
  • Earth Medicine session

Mystery and Magic Subscription – 6 months


You will receive an email from me with information on next steps within 24 hours of payment.  If you have any questions about the subscription, please feel free to contact me at


A Course in Spiritual Wellness

This self-guided 99 day Course in Spiritual Wellness contains simple, practical, yet inspiring steps for finding your way into a steady and awe-filled exploration of your inner life.

Over the course of 99 days, you will begin to explore and make real the daily practices of:

  • meditation
  • gratitude
  • mindfulness
  • true connection with nature

I offer compassionate solutions and unique approaches to the challenges that doing this work presents, based on my own personal experience in these areas over the past 20 years and based on feedback from you.  I also bring in the transformative magic of animal spirit energy, which I have been blessed to work with since childhood, and which can assist with carrying you beyond some of the hurdles inherent in living a life of spiritual well being.

Ultimately, at the end of A Course in Spiritual Wellness you will have opened yourself up to a new way of perceiving yourself, your life and your journey.  You will have truly cemented the habit of living in the present moment with joy, faith and gratitude. From there you can more easily go within for answers, fully explore your own intuition or natural inner wisdom, and understand why you are here.

In short, this course is designed to help you awaken to and embrace all the mystery and beauty of your one precious life.

Join me on the journey through A Course in Spiritual Wellness – peace, clarity and joy await you!


You will receive an email from me with your copy of A Course In Spiritual Wellness
within 24 hours of payment.  Thank you!

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