About Shona

Hello and welcome!  It brings me joy to know that you are here and exploring the possibility of living an awakened, authentic life.  

Perhaps you feel that there is a truth within you struggling to emerge. An inner calling from the deepest part of you asking to be heard. You know it’s time to answer the call.

You are being called to awaken.

When we answer the call of our own heart, we help awaken the heart of the world.

-Marianne Williamson

Through mindfulness & meditation, energy healing, connecting with nature, and clarity mentoring I help women understand and embrace their true destiny and life purpose. To awaken to their lives.

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I am a Reiki Master/Teacher trained in the Usui Tradition and a certified New Decision Therapy™ practitioner with 20 years experience leading guided meditation, helping others tap in to their intuition, and communing with nature as the doorway to exploring the mystery and magic of your own life.

Over the years I have followed with interest the growing scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation, spending time outdoors and energy healing. I am a big believer in the healing power of nature, the benefits of a walk in the woods, the power of stillness, and I have a unique intuitive connection to animals that lends support and insight to my work.  

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Meditation, mindfulness and inner stillness lead to clarity. Together we can explore how to discern your own true inner calling from the expectations of others, and how to work through your own fear, and step into your authentic greatness.

I believe you are needed and you have what it takes….


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