Why The Raven

Since childhood I have been drawn to and fascinated by ravens and crows. In fact I have a deep and abiding love and respect for them.  I can watch them for hours and always notice when one is around, calling to me.

Long before I knew the raven as a symbol of mystery, magic and spiritual strength, I simply appreciated her striking black colour. Every single inch of the raven is black – her eyes, her beak, her legs and claws and every feather.

I knew that there was magic and power in the darkness of that bird.

We associate black with mystery, the unknown, and the void out of which the new, the light is born. In this way, Raven calls you to discover the mysteries and magic within yourself.  The mystery of your own true self and the magic of your own divine potential.

If you feel that there is a truth within you struggling to emerge, an inner calling you feel compelled to answer, Raven can help bring it to the light. With the help of the Raven you will discover the power within you to create an authentic life based on the truth of who you really are – this is the “magic of creation” that Raven embodies. And this magic is playful and deeply intelligent – we can trust it and stir the magic of life without fear.

So as we question and clarify our will and intention and feel our way along the path in this lifetime, Raven links our outer expression with our divine intention and so leads us to our own true destiny.

Learn how I incorporate the magic and power of the raven in my packages.

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