Each and every time I see Shona, I feel inspired. Inspired to see the beauty everywhere around me. Inspired to be more grateful and accepting of myself. Inspired to welcome whatever comes next with my head held high. She has helped me through personal struggles with her incredible talent, empathy and love. I regularly see Shona for Reiki and also recently discovered the healing power of New Decision Therapy. When I leave a session, I feel lighter, grounded, more appreciative and positive. Thank you, Shona for being the amazing person you are and the incredible work you do.

– Tamara O.


I joined Shona’s meditation group two months ago. I really love to go every week, the love and wisdom that Shona shares with us before, during and after the meditation are beyond words. The intimate group of women make you feel so comfortable and open to receive and give love. I highly recommend that you join Shona in meditation!

– Maru Escarra


Shona has a loving, centered, non-judgmental energy about her that makes her meditation sessions a safe space for spiritual growth.  I feel like my soul has been fueled after spending time with her. 

– T. Elliott


I have had several Reiki treatments with Shona over the past three years. She is a wonderful listener and empathic! Each Reiki session has brought healing from stress, exhaustion and grief. Thank you Shona for helping me through a difficult time! 

– C. Hillert


I’ve known Shona for a number of years now; she is professional, trustworthy and has my best interests at heart. I love her mediation circle and her Reiki sessions. I always come away feeling better and that I’ve learned something more about myself.

– Susan Kershaw


If you haven’t attended one of Shona’s meditations you are missing out. Shona has created a small and intimate group of ladies with which to share their experiences of the week and if they so wish to share their experiences of the guided meditations right after. Go treat yourself to get grounded and centered and start your week off in the right space. Enjoy!!!

– Stephanie M

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