(for Christine)

Faith is in high demand
She is so needed yet no one can see her
She sits in the hospital cafeteria and waits
Sipping coffee with cream
Her calendar is full and yet so few keep their appointments
If we could hear Faith over the confusion and code reds
If we paused to listen we would hear her softly say:
Be here with me now
I can only be found in the still quiet
Of this moment
In the very depths of You
I do not dwell in the unknown anxious future
I do not dwell in the stone church or the economy or the vaccine
I dwell only in You
To know me you need only be still
See how in this very moment you have all you need
And you will again in the next moment
And all the moments to come
Lived slowly, one at a time
Take me quietly out into the world with you
We will walk together to the broken shore
And be the light
And so Faith smiled
As you arrived for your appointment


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