“I meditate so that my mind cannot complicate my life.” Sri Chinmoy

If you are finding it challenging to focus, let alone meditate and remain grounded in these strange days, then you’re not alone. Sitting still and clearing the mind may seem like an impossible task right now, although the benefits of meditation are well documented and very much needed at this time.

Offer yourself time, space, and support on your journey this year by joining me for one or more private, 30-minute meditation sessions based on the principles of embodied meditation.

Embodied meditation is NOT about trying to empty the mind, but about being fully in the body and connecting to the peace and wisdom that reside there.

We will meditate together (virtually) and each session will be custom fit to your particular needs, interests, or challenges around meditating.

Think of it like having a loving, compassionate personal trainer for your mental/emotional/spiritual self.

Peace to your heart.

xo Shona

Private Embodied Meditation Session

30 minutes $35 

Want to know what it’s like to meditate with me? Check out the video below that I did with The Brave and Beautiful Community at A Life in Progress.


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